I have lived in a lot of rentals over the past 10 years and I’ve never had a better experience with a rental property. Every single person is thorough and extremely helpful. I have never felt this taken care of in a rental and we really appreciate that. Laurie, Heather, Noë, Chantel, David and all other staff we have spoken with are great representatives of your business.

-Hillary M.

Thank you so much! Your service person stopped by My House today and not only made the repair, but cleaned the sink before they left. They went above and beyond expectations! I appreciate that!

-Christina C.

Thank you so much for being understanding!!! We are really grateful for My

-Cassandra S.

Thank you! You guys have been great to me!

-Krystal P.

Thank you for your patience while we figure this out. Your company truly values and understands their customers.
-Quyen T.

We have very much enjoyed renting our apartment for the past two years, and we want to thank everyone at My House for giving us a great first rental experience in Fort Collins! Thanks so much and best wishes!

-Melody G. & Michael T.

By the way, please let your management know how much we appreciate your no extra charge for pets. It’s so important for us and shows your company really care for pets and people who love them!

-Yang C.

Thank you so much for all the help. Your office has been great to us and Stephanie has done an amazing job.

-Jacob W.

Thank you so much Ms Laurie. Your help has been fast.. thorough..and much appreciated. 

-Tyler L. 

Hi Al.
I wanted to say thank you for your time and energy in the effort to restore heat to Jackie’s home. I much appreciated the information you provided for the issues with the boiler and speaking with Gary Hooley to resolve the heating problem. I most appreciated your genuine concern and expediency to find resolution. I spoke with Jackie earlier this morning and the heat is still working fine. Again, you have my gratitude. Happy Holidays and wishing you a Merry Christmas!
-Denise R.

I am currently renting from My House, I love it and would love to continue renting from your company, but am really needing help finding a property. I currently live in a 4 bedroom house, but we need to downsize to 3 bedroom. Thank you so much!

-Olivia G.

Hi there,

I have rented with you guys at My House before and really enjoyed the experience. After having tried other housing companies, I realized that I am partial to you and decided to come back once again (had to learn the hard way) 

-Amanda A.

I know you guys are busy and despite reviewers saying you guys are horrible. From a first person perspective you guys are great and I hope to continue renting through my house. Keep up the good work!

-Stephen W.

Thanks for getting back to me, I know your days are busy. I sought your personal attention in response to the incredible service My House has provided my roommate and I.  During the construction period of our bathroom, your maintenance workers were polite, hard working, and dedicated.

– David E.

Thank you again for all your help, y’all have been nothing but helpful through this process with any questions we have had and it’s been a dream working with y’all so far in comparison to many of the companies and owners we had contacted prior. Look forward to working with y’all this next year!

-Jordan W.

I also want to thank you all for your kindness, communication, and professionalism from my time living here. I enjoyed living here and will miss it! I wish all the best in this New Year.

-Emily B.

We would love to continue working with My House and hope that we can make accommodations to find a new place

-Adam N.

With my lease coming to an end at the end of July, I just wanted to thank you guys and let you know how much I appreciated my experience with you all. Some of my best memories have been made in the places you have leased to me and I felt that you all at My House should know that.

-Mason C.

I am very impressed with the response and professionalism of your techs.  That is one reason I will be staying with My House Properties.  My friends and family are also very impressed with the timeliness and quality of work of your technician.

-Melissa G

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

Did we respond in a timely manner?  “Yes. He was there within the week.”

Was our Maintenance Technician respectful and courteous?  ‘Yes he was very pleasant.” 

Did our Tech clean up behind himself before he left?  “Yes, he did.”

Where all of the maintenance issues you requested address?  “Yes!  My bathroom sink and shower are fixed!”

How would you rate your overall satisfaction? Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent?  “Very good!”

Would you like to leave any additional comments?  “I appreciate not being charged for the general maintenance.  And I appreciate the timely manner in which it was addressed.  Thank you”

-Kathryn Z.

Maintenance came by and fixed my toilet, only 7 hours after I submitted the request. He was professional, polite, got the job done, and seemed like a really nice all around guy. My only complaint is that he didn’t want pancakes, but that’s ok (joking). Seriously another great experience.

-Nathan K.

I was pleased with the response to my “power” issue and the response time. The email response was timely . Thanks

-Sue S

Working with My House has been very good. I hope to be here in this apartment for at least five years so I’m glad to have such nice people to work with.

-Cynthia A.

I just absolutely love you guys, I wish I hadn’t been such a schmuck and waited so long to look for housing, I wanted to rent from you guys this last year and couldn’t.  I hope I get the opportunity to at some point here.  I keep saying thanks for your time, I have no better words.  Thank you again and again 


Thank you so much for your services this year. It has been a pleasure!

-Jessica S.

We certainly enjoy working with you all too!


Happy Thanksgiving. I am also thankful for your great service.

-Richard M.

We wanted to thank you for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner/ Open house. It was truly amazing! We know that you are very busy and appreciated the time that you spent with us. We enjoyed meeting with your very capable staff.  You always have something interesting and informative to share with us. We have enjoyed having you as our Property Manager!

-R and J

Thanks!  I appreciate all you and the staff at MyHouse have done for us over the past year and a half.  I will get these over to you ASAP.

-Max K.

I really appreciate your constant contact with residents about projects, issues, problems … I wish more rental properties did that!  Thanks for all you do!


Hello, In response to the first 4 questions, yes. I would rate our overall satisfaction as excellent. For additional comments, I would like to say that my roommates and I were surprised by the promptness and thorough work done by MyHouse and their maintenance technicians. The prompt action has exceeded my expectations of MyHouse. Thank you very much for making us happy tenets so far! Sincerely,


I appreciate the consideration and will always keep your staff in mind, as you run a fantastic company. I feel fortunate to have your assistance.  Thanks!


I heard about your company through friends that have rented a home with you for a couple years and they have had a very positive experience!  Thank you for your time.


Thank you so much for the thoughtful Christmas card and cherry cordials.  I really enjoyed eating them.  I hope you all have a lovely (and safe) holiday break.  I look forward to the new year with My House.


I’m very satisfied with the work that was done in my apartment. The maintenance man came very quickly! Thanks a ton!


We have heard a lot of good things about your company and hope this can work out.


Hello. I just wanted to thank you for being very helpful in a timely manner when a problem comes up . I really do appreciate it!


I can’t describe the way my wife and I feel right now……..We are so Full of gratitude.  This is an incredible amount of kindness from you.  Thank you so so so much.  I will pass on word of your tenderness and graciousness.

-Steven B.

Thank you for your help.  It was a great place for the two years I lived there.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank My House Property Services and the owner of the above address for allowing us to rent this house during the building of our new house.  It was a huge blessing to be only 2 blocks from the construction of our new house and this rental house was perfect for our situation and budget.

-Steve S

Good morning.  Thank you for the quick responses and I completely understand as soon as the unit is ready I will be ready to move in! Thank you guys so much and I am very excited to live in a beautiful, clean home with a very professional leasing company. You guys have been outstanding thus far and it has only been a couple days, I am very pleased .  Thank you.


We have enjoyed working with you as well and look forward to renting from you again.  Thanks guys!

-Tay and Ryan

Thank you so so much for helping us resolve this problem!!  You have been very helpful throughout our entire rental experience with you guys.  Thank you!!

-Olivia, Trevor and Jon

Thanks for your help.  I’ve been really happy living here not only because I like the place, but your service and care has been top-notch.  I highly recommend you to friends and people looking for places. 


First of all, on behalf of all of us, we would like to thank you for your help yesterday morning as it took a tone of pressure off all of our shoulders. You guys were a great deal of help and we very much appreciate it!  Thank you for your time.  Have a nice day!

-Lee J.

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate renting from such a professional company!  Happy Holidays.

-Jessica U.

You guys are great!  You always respond in a timely manner and the house looks great! Thanks so much for doing it all!

-Kaitlyn B.

I am writing to compliment two of your employees.  They are so polite and helpful.  She provided great customer service yesterday when she showed me several apartments.  She was very friendly and straightforward.  Today, despite me asking question after question and asking for a modification of my lease, she was eager to assist and did not show the slightest display of annoyance or frustration.  She is a real sweetheart.  As we were leaving the building, my husband commented, “This is the nicest rental staff with whom I’ve been in contact!” I echo his sentiment.  I am grateful to them for making this process as efficient and painless as possible!  Sincerely,

-Jen W.

Thank you, you guys do a really good job.

-John G.

Maintenance tech was Excellent! Absolutely no complaints!!!  Thank you!  You are all  amazing!!!

-Bethany L

I want to say thank you for being so very understanding with us.  It really means the world to us that we haven’t lost a place to live. Your services have made this somewhat easier for us and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart


Thanks for everything over the last few years, we have appreciated all of your support!

-Kayla K.

Thanks for the past four and half years.  Your the best!!

-Mike M.

Thanks for everything, you guys have been helpful, prompt, and fair…

-Emily C.

I just want to thank you for a pleasant few years renting this apartment.  Thank you for your time, and have a nice afternoon.


Even though it was not my car, I want to thank you for calling and leaving a message this morning about the car needing to be moved off the street. I really appreciate that you would look that up and call me. Also, thank you again for your quick response and update on the maintenance request for the dryer.  Just wanted to thank you and let you know I appreciate your call. Have a great day!


You have been a wonderful leasing company!


We really like renting from My House, and find your company to be genuine.  We would love to continue leasing through My House until we are ready to purchase our own home.  We appreciate your work trying to find us a new lease, but at this point our current situation seems best.

-Ryan and Bri

I have been very pleased with My House Properties and was hoping to continue renting through you so I was just seeing if you had any available!  Thank you!

-Erica S.

We really appreciate doing business with you guys you make it easy and fun.


I love you guys so much and you all have been the best property management company I have ever worked with and I am sad to leave! Thank you for trying to work with me to find something!

-Lara H.

First off, I wanted to thank you and Cory for addressing the previous maintenance issues at our unit with such haste and professionalism. It was and is greatly appreciated to have a rental company that will address and amend a tenant’s request. Will and I cannot thank you enough!

Thanks again for your help and professionalism. Having a great day!

-Best regards, Sam

Thank you April for all you guys did in helping with this move.  The trailer, the transfer of payments etc.  Very much appreciated from the parent of a kid who works hard – 60 hour a week job AND student teaching – and is so stressed right now.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I have heard great things about this company through friends.


It has been a great 2 years at our house and we thank you for all that you have done

-Corey B.

Hi!  I am currently living in one of your properties.  I absolutely love your leasing company. The management and service is amazing and am trying to stay leasing within the My House company.  Thank you!


I am so pleased with the level of service from your company, you go the extra mile!


I wanted to write and say how much I appreciate you all as a property management company. I’ve been in the apartment only 2 months now and am astounded at how you carry out your business practices. I’ve lived between Estes and Fort Collins for the last 15 years, and living between a tourist town and a college town, I have been less than impressed with all prior landlords and ethics. You all are easy to get a hold of, things are fixed and taken care of immediately and thought seems to be put into how your tenants are treated and I really appreciate that.

-Thank you!!!…Lara

Sorry it took so long to write the thank you but we appreciate you recognizing us within your properties.

-Erin, Brett and Rachael

Hi! Thank you so much for your immediate response to my ant problem! I just want you all to know again how much I appreciate working with your company, you all are awesome!

-Thanks, Lacey

I was your tenant this past fall semester. I had a really great experience with you guys and was hoping that you could help me out for the upcoming school year – both fall and spring semester.

– Audrey

….We love this house and you all have been so fantastic we wish we could stay an entire year. Either way we would like to thank you and we will definitely recommend you to friends.

– Zamantha

My House Team, ….thank you for providing myself and roommates with above average service as far as accommodating to our needs.

– Adrian

I rented with you all a year ago and had a great experience. Back, and with more income than before!

– Brandon

I hold a firm loyalty and appreciation to you and your company for you have been incredible to me and I wish to continue leasing from MyHouse.


Please thank maintenance for all their hard work and the cleanup.


If you ever need a good business reference from a managed-property neighbor, you just let me know.  And if I ever need a rental agent or anyone asks me for a referral for one, I’ll let you know!  You take care and again, and again, and again, THANK YOU!  And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remain the property manager of 147 Fishback!  I KNOW the neighborhood is in good hands with you!


Just wanted to say a big thank you to both you and the maintenance department for getting the window boarded up so quickly. I’m a night shift nurse, so I’m afraid I was sleeping when Maintenance tried calling and then wound up just fixing it, so please thank him for me. You guys are great!


Thanks for all the help over the years, we enjoyed you guys as landlords I hope we were alright as tenants.


We wanted to express our gratitude for your haste and efficiency in helping fix our oven problems and subsequently refurbishing our kitchen counters. This has been the way you’ve dealt with all of our maintenance/housekeeping issues and it really makes our lives easier that we have a landlord who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their tenants have what they need. Considering the fact that you have dozens of properties, to provide this level of personalized concern and attention to us as individuals makes you stand out!


Thank you for the card, and candy that was thoughtfully given to me! Merry Christmas!


Thank you all so much for your speedy help and concern with this unfortunate situation…


I just wanted to say the repair job done in our bathroom was a fantastic job! I know it took a while but once the problem was found it was repaired at a really quick pace. Thank you again for the really good service the maintenance crew deserves a great big pat on the back!!


Just wanted to make sure I told you thank you for dealing with the situation at 327. Having those guys removed really will make a huge difference in the building… so much less noise and chaos.  Thank you SO much, I really appreciate your help!


I am very relieved! And grateful for all your excellent help!


Thank you for the timely and through reply!!!!


I want to thank you for all your help this leasing season in helping Jake and I find a new home. We fortunately, found a great place, but unfortunately, will be saying goodbye to My House for now. However, if we decide to relocate next year, I will be sure to touch base with you earlier in the leasing season because you guys are fantastic! Thanks so much for all your help these past two years!


I just wanted to tell you that I was with David last night re-keying C-5 and I was SO impressed with how much nicer that building is from when we were there last year – the floors, new paint – just feels so much cleaner and nicer.


It has been a good experience with you as landlords. Thank you!


Thanks for sending the crew over to clean Christian’s apartment.  He is moved in and really likes the place.  Appreciate you handling it for us, and you can be confident he and his roommate will treat it with respect.


On behalf of all of us, I just wanted to thank you for all of the maintenance work that has been done on the house. There were plenty of things that needed fixing when we moved in, and we all really appreciate the effort that has been put in by Dave to help us make our house more like a home. We all really appreciate it and are incredibly grateful!


Thanks again for doing a good job of managing my properties!


Thank you very much! Your staff is very nice and very helpful. Thank you again for your speedy response.


Thank you for the quick response! The carpet cleaners already called and said they’d be right over! Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that the maintenance guys were here this weekend to take care of the tree issue we had in the backyard.  They did a really good job and were very clean and professional. The crew just showed up to start work on the shower that is leaking in the master bathroom, so I wanted to say thank you for getting these problems taken care of.


I really appreciate your fast responses to my emails. Thank you very much!


Wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to My House for getting the plumbing fixed for them so quickly yesterday!


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your help yesterday. We absolutely LOVE the new place and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to live here. You bother were so kind and helpful, I know we are going to be so happy working with you for years to come! Again, thank you so much!

-Ally, Amy & Amy

Thank you so much for working with us to solve the issues we had with our apartment. We would especially like to thank you for the consideration you gave to us as valued customers when addressing our needs. We really appreciate all you guys did to solve our problems thoroughly.


Thanks for being there for us when you were. You really did make a difference in our lives!

-The Kruger Family

Thank you for your time and attention to our unit. I really appreciate you being so nice to Storm. Great customer service! Thanks!

-Charlotte B

My House Property Services responded to our maintenance request in a very timely manner. You were able to send someone within 24 hours and we really appreciate that. Your maintenance technician was very respectful and courteous. Pete was very polite and fixed the issue quickly and efficiently. We have had only one maintenance request and it was completed. We would rate our overall satisfaction as Excellent.

-Christine L.

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

Worker was great, relatively quick, completely respectful, cleaned up after himself. I would rate as excellent.

-Tom E

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

Did we respond in a timely manner?

Absolutely. We are completely satisfied with response time.

Was our Maintenance Technician respectful and courteous?

Completely. Incredibly nice guys.

Did our Tech clean up behind himself before he left?

Nothing left over.

Where all of the maintenance issues you requested address?

Deck – 100% Satisfied 

Trim – 100% Satisfied 

Dryer – The vent hose has fallen off again (Tape is not holding) and the internal lint filter is still basically useless. (LARGE gash in screen, will provide pictures if requested.) 

Heater – Non-My House tech ‘looked’ at it, we still cannot turn it on.

How would you rate your overall satisfaction? Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent?

Good-Excellent. (See above/below)

Would you like to leave any additional comments?

All of the completed work was excellent, and the techs were wonderful. 

However, as mentioned above the Heater & Dryer still do not work as intended. 

Please feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

-Brandon P

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

You did respond in a timely manner, the disposal was fixed, and no mess was left, thank you.

-Debbie S

You have done a great job of managing my properties and I trust you for all future property management decisions.

Thank You, Richard 

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

Did we respond in a timely manner? Yes 

Was our Maintenance Technician respectful and courteous? Very much so

Did our Tech clean up behind himself before he left? Yes 

Where all of the maintenance issues you requested address? Yes 

How would you rate your overall satisfaction? Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent?Excellent 

-Raja S.

Feedback from a recent maintenance survey request…

Did we respond in a timely manner? I didn’t request this repair, so I don’t know how timely the response was. However, the repair was completed quickly and efficiently.

Was our Maintenance Technician respectful and courteous?

Yes! He knocked, waited 5 minutes for me to get out of the shower, introduced himself, and explained the reason for his visit. We also chatted about country music for 5 minutes, which was really nice. Great customer service skills! 

Did our Tech clean up behind himself before he left?
For the most part; there was a bit of debris left on the floor, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with 20 seconds of sweeping.

Where all of the maintenance issues you requested address?

Not applicable.
How would you rate your overall satisfaction? Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent?

Would you like to leave any additional comments?

Solid work.

Thanks for all you do. Have a lovely day!

-J.T. B.

Thank you for all your help, Mandy. I appreciate you.  I look forward to doing business with you and your company when the time comes:). You guys were wonderful to work with.

I will drop off the check at your location, this weekend, Tomorrow most likely.All the best,

Juan O.

Thank you Stephanie.  I appreciate it.  Your management company has been great.


Oh my gosh, Stephanie, you are my hero! I am looking forward to giving you money every month!!! Thank you oh so very much!

 -Heather T

  You’re the best, Stephanie! Thank you so much for being so attentive. You’ve been a pleasure to work with.

-Joseph W

Thanks Kris this is good news. Thanks for awesome service.